Gati has the largest fleet of over 2100 vehicles on road

Express industry popularly known as courier service plays an important role in today’s growing business environment. With the changing macro economic factors such as, liberalization and globalization of markets, timely delivery of goods and service in a reliable manner has become the need of the hour thus, fueling the growth of the express industry. In India, almost 76% of the business constitutes documents handling while the remaining 26% are shared by the non documents consignments. This apart, services also range from Door to Door (by Air or Surface), Door to Airport and other value added services. Blue Dart Express Limited, South Asia’s premier No.1 express air and integrated transportation, distribution and Logistics Company, with 42% market share. Gati, is well renowned leader in the express Industry. Gati has the largest fleet of over 2100 vehicles on road, with a nation wide network unmatched in the industry and has a delivery capability of delivering to 603 out of 611 districts in India. Today Gati has an established presence in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Dubai and Nepal. The Rs 4500 crore courier industry offers wide range of products and services. The industry is growing at a pace of around 20 25% annually. Consignment of documents and non documents forms the basic product of all express service providers. hide

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